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Guarantee Hypnosis RI

About our guarantee:

While it is unethical for any hypnosis provider to guarantee results, we do guarantee that we take your goals as serious as you do, and we will always do our best to help you accomplish them as quickly as possible.

We Guarantee To Customize Your Program:
Every person and situation is different and unique. Therefore, we guarantee not to use a cookie-cutter approch when it comes to helping our clients reach their intended goal. During your 1st session, we will estimate approximately how many sessions you may need to accomplish your goal and help you with your issue/problem.

Guaranteed Professionalism:
From shoplifting and sexual issues to drug usage and alcohol abuse, we don't judge our clients, and will always treat you and your issue/problem with the up-most respect. All of our clients receive courteous treatment, free from any judgment regarding what they are seeking help for.

Guaranteed Confidentiality:
We guarantee to keep all client records, information, and transactions confidential and private. The release of these records can only be done if authorized by you in writing, or unless we are otherwise required to do so by law.

Honesty Guarantee:
While there are many professional hypnosis service providers, there are some that use questionable tactics just to get clients. For example, some offer misleading guarantees, while others promise a "one session fix." These are both prime examples of telling people what the "want to hear" just to get their business. We don't set false expectations and we will always be honest, truthful and up-front with you at all times.

No Pressure Tactics Guaranteed:
When you call us to discuss hypnosis, we simply talk to you about the issue at hand and we answer any questions about us or about hypnosis that you may have. We never push or pressure anyone to set an appointment nor do we make them feel guilty about not doing so (we've heard some stories). After we talk, if you'd like to schedule a session, that is completely up to you. And if not, we hope you keep our information handy for if or when you do need it.

The bottom line is that you are contacting us to help you change your life and we want to assure you that when you seek our help, your goal then becomes our goal. We provide REAL hypnosis and not smoke and mirrors or gimmicks. And remember that if you find a service provider that makes claims that sound too good to be true - they usually are.

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