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Immunization Hypnosis Program
Instant Download: Contains 2 MP3's
Only $29

Just like getting an annual shot to better defend, protect, and prevent yourself from contracting illnesses, why not use the power of your mind to keep yourself, your family, and loved ones healthy and safe by creating a powerful immunity to diseases, illnesses, and sickness like the Flu, the common cold, and even new threats like Coronavirus COVID-19?

There is historical precedent that dates back to the early 1840's with a surgeon named Dr. James Esdaille, who has been discussed by Dr. Joseph Murphy in several of his books.

The majority of patients in those times did not die of surgery but rather, they died of the infections that followed. This is because back then there was no concept of modern sanitation, so they would simply throw a bucket of water on the operating table, lay the next patient down, then they would proceed to use the same unwashed tools as they operated on the next patient.

In fact, good surgeons were commonly known by how much blood they had on their apron. The more blood, the more surgeries, the better the surgeon.

It was surprising that anyone survived the infections for which there were no antibiotics!

Dr. Esdaille had started using hypnosis for anesthesia. Hearing of Fran Messmer, he decided to add the suggestion that the patient would get no infection. In over four hundred major surgeries he had only a 2% infection rate. It was a miracle. The bodies through the power of the subconscious mind switched on their ability to say "no" to infection.

This Hypnosis program works exactly the same way. Through this program, you will be using the power of your subconscious mind to switch on your own ability to say "YES to keeping healthy by fighting off sickness - while saying "NO" to contracting diseases, illnesses, and sickness like the Flu, the common cold, and even threats like Coronavirus COVID-19.

The best part is that since there are new diseases, illnesses, and sickness being uncovered all the time, you can continue to use this program to keep yourself, your family, and loved ones healthy and safe for years to come.

  • Download Instructions

After making your payment, simply click the "Continue to Website" or "Return to Website" link which will bring you to the folder that contains the files for your program.

This Program contains 2 MP3 files:

1. Your actual hypnosis session audio: This is the same exact type of session that we would perform if you came to our office for a live hypnosis session. You will want to listen to this audio at least 2 to 3 times per week, as needed. You will also want to listen during quiet times and in a setting where you can fully relax.

2. Your subliminal audio: This audio is specially created using subliminal messages that are embedded into background music. It is extremely powerful and effective because while you are listening to relaxing music, your mind is hearing the messages and changing. It will also stay fresh, because you will want to continue using it over and over. You can listen to this audio around the use of your main program audio but at a minimum, you should use it at least 2 to 3 times per week.


Everyone is different - so as a general rule of thumb, we recommend listening to each audio 2 to 3 times a week. However, because they are 100% safe and relaxing in nature, you can continue to listen as often as you'd like and for as long as you'd like.

Although it's not required, we do recommend listening with headphones or earbuds as it will get you more into the session while cutting out distractions and everyday noise from your surroundings.

Another important tip is DO NOT listen while driving or performing any other tasks that require your full attention.

Final Tip: Just like any other self-help product or service, you have to be realistic and stay motivated. When you come to us for live sessions, we are following up with you, setting, booking and confirming your appointments and more. With download audio programs, you are opting to do things on your own. So mark your calendar, set an appointment reminder or do whatever else it takes to remind you to keep working towards your goals.

Follow these simple tips and directions and YOU TOO, will achieve the healthier and happier life that you deserve.

Your purchase of this item is governed by the terms and conditions contained in the End User License Agreement ("EULA") which can be found on our audio FAQ page by Clicking Here. Please read this End User License Agreement carefully before completing your purchase. By completing your purchase, you agree that you have read the EULA and agree to be bound by its terms.